Best places to bet CS GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

How to bet on CS:GO

Betting on Parimatch cs go is different in its variety: who will make the entry-kill, who will have an advantage by rounds, and who will make the most phrases. Let’s figure out how to bet on CS:GO.

Professional CS:GO tournaments have always been very popular. Not only the fans of the game, but also people who are only vaguely familiar with this FPS. From the outside, Counter-Strike seems like a simple shooter, where you have to plant the bomb or successfully defend the prisoner from the enemy. The logic of the players and their strategies can often be easily understood by everyone. In addition, the events during the match develop very rapidly and dynamically.

Watch large tournaments on Pari match cs go is always very exciting. But if you add some spice to watching the matches by betting on the result of one of the fights, the game immediately becomes more exciting.

Types of CS:GO bets

As we said before, the essence of Parimatch CS:GO is simple. Two teams of 5 people fight each other on several maps. Standard match lasts 16 rounds: 8 for terrorists and counter-terrorists. There are different tournament formats, but most often playoff matches until 2 wins (bo3) and grand final until 3 wins (bo5).

The easiest type of betting is on the winning team. You can choose the strongest team over the whole distance, or choose for each card separately. Depending on the platform on which you will bet, additional options may appear:

  • Will there be an ice in the match?
  • Who will be the first to make the entry frag?
  • Will there be extra rounds?
  • Which team will gain the perimeter advantage by rounds?
  • Who will be the winner of IEM Katowice 2019?

Parimatch CS:GO betting odds

There are 2 formats of their display – American and decimal. In our region there is only a decimal variant, thanks to which you can calculate the total amount of winnings. The American format shows the amount of net profit.

What are the bets on CS:GO?

Choosing the winner of the match is the most common type of betting, not only in cybersports matches, but also in any sports discipline. But there are a large number of other options in which you can try your luck and your knowledge.

What can I bet on CS:GO?

In addition to money, some betting sites give you the opportunity to bet on matches using in-game skins. You can get them from cases in CS:GO. If you have duplicates or just want to take a chance, you can make such a bet as well.

Where to bet on CS:GO?

Parimatch there are a large number of disciplines represented here, among which cyber sports is lost. However, on CS:GO, there are so many different leagues for all fans.


  • A large selection of matches;
  • Variety of lines for betting.


  • Uncomfortable interface;
  • Difficult to find the right match.

Although the professional matches of CS:GO are characterized by their intensity and tension, betting can make them even more emotional for you. The main thing is not to forget that it’s just a game, and enjoy watching it!

More info about CSGO tournaments

Counter-Strike is one of the most popular eSports disciplines in the world. Large CS:GO tournaments broadcasts gather millions of viewers and their prize funds amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Cybersport is not only a way to have fun, but also a way to build a career and earn money. CS:GO tournaments can have different level, organizers and format, not only cybersportsmen, but also ordinary spectators should understand it, only then they can see the most spectacular and interesting matches.

Types of CS:GO tournaments

CS:GO tournaments can vary in purpose, method of operation and level. Some people prefer to watch only the highest level tournaments, while others simply follow their favorite team. In any case, each type of tournament has its own characteristics that can both attract and alienate the viewer.

Online tournaments

Online tournaments are low level events and usually have either a small prize pool or a chance to participate in a LAN tournament.

The low level of online tournaments is due to the following reasons:

  • They provide more opportunities for players to use cheats.
  • When playing online, players cannot achieve the same level of cohesion and organization as if they were in one place.

On the other hand, when playing online, players do not spend time on travel and organizational features as they do in LAN tournaments.

LAN tournaments

LAN tournaments are events where players are present “live”. Their features include a high level of staging, large prize pools and the possibility to watch the players not only through the screen.

LAN tournaments exclude foul play, allow spectators to see their favorite players in person, and have a completely different level compared to online tournaments. However, like any major event, they require a huge number of organizational issues, which sometimes leads to delays and unpleasant situations.

All majors, tournaments with a high prize pool and final qualifications of major events are held in the offline format.

Open and closed qualifications

Qualifications are intermediate events, as a result of which teams receive an invitation to the main tournament. Usually the qualifiers are divided into regions, i.e. each region has its own qualification, resulting in the best teams of the region (e.g. Pakistan) qualifying for the main tournament.

Often there are two stages of qualification: open and closed. The top teams from the open qualification and the teams that have received a direct invitation go to the closed qualification. Open qualification involves all willing teams from the region. The number of such teams can reach hundreds, even thousands, so it is quite difficult to get into a closed qualification, and even more difficult to get to the tournament itself.

Qualifiers are a great way to identify strong teams and weed out participants who can’t show decent play in the tournament. They also allow even little-known teams to qualify for a major event, which is very important in any sport.

Tournament Formats

There are many different ways to run a cyber sporting event. The format of the tournament depends on how long it lasts, how many times the teams can meet, and what they have to do to win.

Types of Matches

Usually the winning team is determined by the results of more than one game. The most common types used in CS:GO tournaments are

bo1: teams play just one game, based on the results of which the winner is determined.

bo3: teams play three games, the winner must win two of them (most commonly used).

bo5: teams play five games, with the team that wins three of them (often used in finals).