How to bet on basketball in play and before the match

Basketball betting

Rules and differences in basketball leagues

One to three points are awarded for an accurate shot: one for a free throw, two for a shot inside the three-point arc, and three for the rest of the shots.

  • The game is played in four quarters.
  • Five-minute overtime shall be held in case of a tie in regulation time.
  • The number of overtimes is unlimited.
  • Coaches make an unlimited number of substitutions.

If a player has exhausted the foul limit, he is removed and another player is substituted. If a team has too many fouls in a quarter, every violation, except offensive fouls, is punished by free throws.

There are a lot more rules and distinctions. We have listed the main ones to bet on Parimatch basketball.

Betting strategy of catch-up based on the statistical data of the stars

Dogon is a strategy of increasing the bet amount after each setback to make a profit after the first win.

Determine the bet amount by using the formula:

(bet amount) = (desired profit + amount of losses) / (odds – 1).

Bet on the top outcome of the most productive player of the NBA team, if he three or more times in a row did not reach the expected bookmakers’ figure.

The value of the total is close to the average performance of the player on the season, and the odds will be about 1.70-2.10

If unsuccessful, bet on the total more this player in other matches, picking up the amount of bets on the strategy of catch-up.

Oscar Grinde Strategy

According to Oscar Grinde strategy you keep the bet amount when you lose and double it when you win until you get the desired profit

The amount of the first bet equals the desired profit. Bet on NBA games with odds from 2.00.

Real time basketball betting strategies

Let’s look at two strategies for Parimatch betting on basketball live betting with a long run.

Betting on quarter comparisons

Bet on the total more in the second quarter of an NBA game for odds around 1.75-1.95 by criteria:

  • The opponents did not get more than 10 points to the bookmakers’ expected performance in the first quarter.
  • Both teams shot less than 40% from the field.

In case of failure, bet on the top outcome in the next quarters according to the strategy of catch-up.

For example, in the Dallas Mavericks – Washington Wizards game the bookmakers gave odds of 1.90 on the total over 60 points in the first quarter. The teams finished the quarter 26-20 with 38% shooting from the field and 33% shooting from the field.

Bet on the total over 60 points in the second quarter.

Betting strategy on the outsider’s victory in the quarter

Bet on the outsider’s victory in the first quarter of the NBA game for odds higher than 2.30.

If unsuccessful, bet on the outsider in each of the next quarters until the first run, increasing the bet amount according to the catch-up strategy. If necessary, take the next game and continue betting.

Win-win basketball betting strategy

A fork in Pari match basketball is an opportunity to bet on opposite outcomes with a guaranteed profit.

One bet fails, but the other gives a plus.

You can find a fork by using the formula:

Sp = 1 / K1 + 1 / K2 + … + 1 / Kn, where Sp is the sum of probabilities, n is the number of choices in one market, and K1, K2, …, Kn are the odds on each choice.

If Sp < 1, it is a fork.

For example, in the match “Boston Celtics” – “Los-Angeles Lakers” one bookmaker gives odds 2.05 for the hosts, and 2.03 for the guests.

Let’s calculate the sum of probabilities:

1 / 2.05 + 1 / 2.03 = 0.9804, we have a fork.

With equal amounts of bets on both selections you will be able to stay in the black at any outcome.

If you bet on basketball, study the rules of this sport for successful betting in bookmakers. The Championship’s live and pre-match strategies will increase your chances of making a profit.

Parimatch Basketball betting: pros and cons

Betting on basketball is popular among fans of excitement also due to the large number of matches. In addition, the basketball line gives the player the opportunity to bet on equally likely events, which many betting systems require. It is necessary to highlight such advantages of Parimatch basketball betting:

  • A large number of equal-probability events. In a basketball match the teams score about 150-200 points between them, which allows bookmakers to find a total or handicap that is equally probable, for example 1.9 for -5.5 and 1.9 for +5.5. For many players it is psychologically important.
  • Low margin and high odds on top tournament matches. Traditionally, many Pari match basketball betting fans bet on the matches of the Pakistani NBA. Because of the large number of such handicappers, bookmakers are forced to offer more favorable conditions compared to competitors.
  • Regularity of games. There are usually 2-4 basketball tournament games per week. Even on December 25 or January 1 in the same NBA basketball players take to the courts. This allows the player to analyze the statistics as accurately as possible and prepare well for betting. A solid sample allows you to determine how tired the team is and how motivated it is.
  • There are disadvantages as well. While bookmakers offer high odds and low margins in the NBA, in Pakistani tournaments, they prefer not to be so generous. Usually the odds are a few points lower than in the NBA. In addition, bookmakers don’t offer a wide spread of events for “second rate” tournaments. Of course, there is always room for totals, handicaps and bets to win, but many players want to see additional outcomes in the line.

The main types of basketball bets:

Main outcome. Most bookmakers offer three variants (victory of one of the opponents or a draw). Some bookmakers allow you to bet only on the victory of one of the teams (in the case of a draw, the winner will be determined by overtime).

  • Handicap. This is a bet on the victory of one of the teams taking into account a predetermined score difference.
  • Total. The bet offers to guess, more or less than a specified number of points scored by the teams.
  • Additional bets. Usually this includes bets on individual player totals, the presence (absence) of overtime, totals for each quarter, etc.

Correct bets on Parimatch basketball imply a thorough analysis of the line and the form of the opponents. It is important to consider the motivation of the teams, their tournament position, injuries, disqualifications and other factors that may affect the final result.

Strategies of betting on the total less or more

Bet on the total more in the NBA match for odds between 1.75-1.95 on the criteria:

  • Both teams rank in the bottom half of the table in terms of defensive rating.
  • The most productive players of the opponents will take part in the match.
  • Both teams rank in the top 15 in terms of pace.
  • The opponents have rested one day or more.

Take the total less odds of 1.75-1.95 in the following cases:

  • Teams share less than four wins in the standings.
  • Opponents are among the 10 worst in terms of offensive efficiency.
  • Bookmakers give odds less than 2.60 for each team to win.