Details on Dota betting

Dota 2 is a computer team game in the MOBA genre. Every year it hosts cybersports tournaments with a total prize pool of more than 20 million dollars. The game gathers hundreds of thousands of spectators, indicating an unprecedented public interest in the competitions in this discipline. A wide line on Dota is given by almost every BK.

The rules of the game

Dota 2 is the official competitive discipline of cybersports. Features of the gameplay:

  • one map;
  • two teams of five players;
  • distribution of roles between gamers.

Each player controls one hero. The player’s task is to build up the strengths of his character (raise the level, get the necessary items). Victory in the match is achieved by destroying the enemy fortress (in slang – “throne”). Teams defend their own base from attacks by their opponents and strive to destroy the enemy fortress.

The map is divided into three lines, the forest and Roshan’s lair. Control of each line and other objects provides a steady flow of gold and experience. The more advantage a team accumulates, the easier it will be to win.

Are you new to this game? Then we advise you to read more about the rules and mechanics of the game, or better to play this game by yourself. This will give you the necessary knowledge and understanding of the process.

Important: the general rules of the game remain the same, but the detailed features are constantly changing through patches. Meta is a central concept that reflects the current standards of the game. The selection of characters, line behavior, item timings all depend on the current meta. The better the viewer understands the meta, the easier it is to bet on Pari match dota 2.

Tournaments and prizes

Gameplay isn’t the only thing players have come to love about dota 2 Parimatch. The game has become the benchmark for the cyber sports discipline. Every year the game attracts the attention of millions of viewers around the world.

Tournaments are professional competitions of the best players. Dota championships can be divided into two types – “majors” or “majors” (Major in English) and “minors”. The first gathers an audience of millions and are held by large organizations. The average prize pool for one “major” is $1 million or more. Examples of major championships:

  • Epicenter;
  • MDL;
  • ESL.

Important: before the 2017/2018 season, the major championships (“majors”) were held independently – each organization independently set the prize funds and schedule. Now all major tournaments (“majors”) have been combined into a common Dota Pro Circuit (DPC-season). Now the most iconic championships are organized with the support of the creators of the game – Valve.

“Minors” are numerous small championships. The average prize pool is $300,000. Examples:

  • StarLadder;
  • PGL;
  • Summit;
  • WePlay!

“Minors” do not gather millions of viewers, but you can also bet on them on Dota 2. Winning a minor tournament opens the way to a “major”.

In a season there are 4 major tournaments and 5-6 smaller championships. The events listed above are a precursor to the main one. The Alpha and Omega of Dota eSports is The International (aka “Int”). “The Int” is the biggest and most important tournament of each year, where the best teams in the world fight for the “Aegis” – the shield of champions. The total prize pool at The international breaks all world records each year. The average amount is more than $20 million.

Real money betting vs skinbetting

Betting on Dota 2 Parimatch, as in another no less popular eSports discipline CS:GO, is possible in two ways: with real money or in-game items.

By the way, recently we published a detailed guide on betting on GS GO.

Betting money is not fundamentally different from the usual sports betting. The spectator makes a prediction and bets real money on the victory of one of the teams or other outcome that happens in the match.

Stuff betting is a type of betting that is unique to cybersports disciplines. Players who have in-game items can bet them instead of real currency. Items (skins) are dropped in the game or bought in Steam.

What can I bet on?

Depth of coverage depends on the policy of the bookmaker’s office. For Dota there are matches both in the format of “Best of 1” (teams play only one card), and in the “Best of 3” (series where the winner must take two cards out of three possible). At major tournaments, grand finals are played in “Best of 5” format (up to three wins).

The most popular types of bets:

  • main outcome;
  • kills totals;
  • card length;
  • “first blood”;
  • Roshan’s murder.

Important features of betting on Dota 2

What does the average cybersports betting fan need to know in order to learn how to conduct proper analysis and bet on the team that will bring the most winnings?

A novice bettor or a player who has never bet on Parimatch dota 2 matches will benefit from tips from our experts who regularly bet on cybersports disciplines.

Combine strategies

Combination is the best strategy for winning. It is advisable to use the classic schemes in combination – bet a little, look at the draft and make a catch-up. If there is confidence in the good form of a particular performer, you can count on him to continue to shine. Tournaments show that one person who “dragged” in the beginning often wins and becomes the MVP (most valuable player) of a championship in the future. Professionals use every available arsenal.

Analyze stats in detail

Statistics in Dot allows you to look at the game from a broader perspective. Don’t skimp on analyzing the metrics and win rate of certain characters. It is advisable to purchase Dota 2 Plus, a resource that provides a database of heroes and matches. The system helps to identify errors and calculate averages during the game. The general functionality of the service includes the following features:

  • tips on buying swag;
  • recommendations for behavior on the line;
  • tips on how to place wards;
  • friends and enemies of the hero;
  • comparative analysis in real time;
  • post-game analytics.

It is not recommended to judge by a single game. It is advisable to look at the success of the team over the course of the season. The win rate will help. The higher the percentage of wins, the more stable the team is playing.

Get into the game metrics

Do not neglect the mesh. You can either dislike it or love it, but you should never ignore it. Meta has an effect on players. A good understanding of the features of the patch will give a better understanding of the game, heroes, draft and other important points.

Practice the game yourself

Unlike soccer or other traditional sports, Dota needs to be understood for yourself. It is desirable not only to analyze the meta competently, but also to know the practical aspects. Personal experience with the game often plays a central role in predictions. A person begins to understand the process better if he participates in it.