All about handicaps in betting Parimatch

Sport is a fascinating spectacle that brings together people of all ages, social status, and colors around the world. It can bring income not only to athletes, but also to ordinary spectators. Bookmaker offices offer to place bets and win. We recommend that before boarding the betting train, study some concepts on the platform. For example, what is a Parimatch handicap in betting.

The concept of handicap and its benefits

Handicap or handicap is a bet in which there is an advantage of one of the parties, expressed in numerical value. A handicap in Pari match is given to the opponent, who, in the opinion of the office, will lose. Thus, the betting odds are equalized on both sides of the match. Points, time, distances and other indicators can be added. There are two types of handicaps – European and Asian.

Players highlight several positive aspects:

  • The ability to independently adjust the risks.
  • A large selection of different options.
  • A safety net for a handicap on an equal number.
  • Safety net of the Asian handicap.
  • It is possible to bet on the favorite with a higher odds than the normal outcome.
  • It’s safer to bet on a plus handicap than on a clean outsider win.
  • A handicap on an even line allows you to adequately assess the strength of opponents.
  • In play, you can bet until the last minutes of the meeting, when the other markets are closed.


  • The handicap does not improve the odds of winning.
  • The odds for a zero handicap are lower because of the possibility of a return.

What is a Parimatch handicap in soccer? A question of interest to dummies in betting. A bookmaker’s office gives the outsider an advantage with a positive handicap, and gives the favorite a negative handicap. Soccer is bet on in the same way as other sports. BK offers positive, negative and zero handicaps. If you add the size of the positive handicap to the number of goals scored by the underdog, resulting in that team winning, the bet is played. The negative Pari match handicap is subtracted from the goals scored by the favorite. The bet will play if, after deducting the handicap, the team still wins.

European handicap – what does it mean in betting?

The characteristic features of the European handicap:

  • The value is always an integer.
  • The number of possible outcomes does not change. Also, as a normal outcome provides for winning, winning and losing.
  • There is no comeback, the bettor either wins or loses.
  • European handicaps are most often used in collective sports.
  • In most cases, this bet has the form of a simple handicap to win or draw.

Due to the fact that the refund for the bet is impossible, bookmakers offer higher quotes on handicap Pari match. This is another advantage of the European handicap. The balance is maintained, because the higher the odds, the greater the risk.

Warning. In the bookmakers handicap is denoted by two digits through a colon, for example: 1:0, 0:2. The first digit is the advantage of the first participant, the second – of the opponent.

The meaning of calculation – the final score is added to the value of handicap. Provided that the first number is more than the second – the bet will be played, in any other case the deal will be considered lost.

What is a 1 2 handicaps? Handicap values are simple: if the handicap is 1, the bet will win if the team wins with a difference of 2 or more points. Loses when the result of the game is a draw or defeat of the team on which the bet was placed.

If the handicap is 2, then the win is possible if the difference is 3 or more points, with a difference of 2 points or less a loss is noted.

Basic rules of Asian or European handicap

There are a number of rules that must necessarily be taken into account:

  • Any player can make a bet taking into account the handicap.
  • They add up to the result of the selected team.
  • The prediction passes, provided that after adding the handicap and the result, there is a preponderance in the side of the selected team.

If at the end of the game in a draw, the bet is returned (by the Asian type). If at the addition of handicaps and the result of the team the result is outweighed in favor of the opponent, then a loss is noted.

Features of the strategy for the Asian Handicap

Asian handicap Parimatch is a bet consisting of two adjacent indicators. The designation of such an indicator is a quarter fraction, an integer or a half number. When using the Asian handicap form, two adjacent indicators are combined. For example, 3.25 combines the bets on 3.5 and 3.0. The betting amount is divided equally on both results.

For reference! According to the results of the event can play two options, either one will play, and on the second will be a return, or both indicators lose.

The peculiarities of the Asian handicaps:

  • More than two options for the end of the transaction is not only to win or lose, but also possible partial refunds to the account.
  • The probability of passing a bet without lowering the odds increases.
  • The probability of losing is lower than in the European option.
  • It is possible to insure the forecast in case of an unexpected result.

Asian Parimatch Handicap Plus

A handicap with a plus sign gives a certain advantage to the leading player or team, the one on which the main emphasis is made. The calculation in this case is based on the fact that the predicted player or club will draw or lose with a certain score difference.

For example, with a prediction of +1.5, the bet will play in any situation, except when the team loses with a difference of 2 or more points.

Asian Handicap with minus

This bet is a negative bet. When assuming the result, a person gives a handicap to the club or player he is not betting on. At the same time, he is sure that the selected player will win with a rather significant margin.

For example, if betting -1.5 on the leader, the difference must be at least 2 points for the bet to pass.

Combination bets: Handicap Corridor

A handicap corridor is a betting option provided there are two non-mirror handicaps. Such a phenomenon is easier to consider with an example:

  • In a bookmaker’s office, the odds on one of the teams is 1.9, and a handicap of -3.5 is offered.
  • In another office the odds are similar, but offered a handicap of +5.5 on the winning of the opposite team.
  • As a result, if the outcome of the match is 4:0, 5:1, 5:0, 6:1, the person who made the bet will win in both institutions.
  • It is not easy to guess the possibility of such a win, however, one should not forget about the possibility of “corridor”.

Example of betting and calculation on the European handicap

European handicap is often used in team sports – basketball, soccer, hockey, handball and others. This is a common handicap on a team victory or on the game of a draw.