The best sports betting PariMatch strategies

What are strategies

Since sports betting is related to mathematics, the first thoughts of bettors about Parimatch betting strategy are related to formulas and calculations. In fact, tactics are not always based on computation. And financial betting strategies most often require only basic knowledge of mathematics, which is acquired at school. Tactics is usually understood as a certain system of principles and patterns based on experience. As mentioned earlier, it is extremely difficult to achieve success in betting without a systematic approach.

However, one should not assume that the chosen tactics will necessarily guarantee success. None of them are capable of bringing one hundred percent results. Otherwise, sports betting would cease to exist. A systematic approach, with well-considered tactics, allows you to avoid mistakes at first, and also to debug the stability in betting. You can judge the conclusions of the work of such an approach at a distance. The analysis will help to examine the strengths and weaknesses of the tactics in order to improve them in the future.

At the moment, there are a large number of different tactics. Some of them are very popular, earning recognition from bettors from all over the world. Others are not so well known due to their specificity or other reasons. I have collected the best and highest quality sports betting strategies. Having familiarized yourself with their essence, you will be able to independently assess the advantages and try out tactics in business.

Classifications of strategies

If we consider the working betting strategy of Pari Match, then they are usually divided into four classifications:

  • Playable. These tactics focus on the playful aspects of the event. Here bettors often place bets on totals or on the result, based on the situation in the game. Most often, it is for these types of bets that statistical indicators are used;
  • Mathematical. In these tactics, the emphasis is on calculation. This is where bettors calculate probabilities and use mathematics to identify an advantage. Most often, such bets are made on “value” events that are underestimated by bookmakers;
  • Financial. These tactics focus on financial management. Here bettors start from competent bank management. This allows them to survive drawdowns without any problems, as well as to intelligently increase profits. Most often, it is financial tactics that are used by beginners, since most mistakes are made at the stage of bank management. In particular, players do not comply with risk management and lose money. Financial strategies avoid this;
  • Combined. In these tactics, there is no particular emphasis on one thing. All previous classifications are combined here. This type of bet is the most popular because bettors rarely specialize in just one type of bet. In addition, to compose your ideal gaming system, it is better to take what works in various models.

These are the main classifications. When considering different tactics for any sport, one of the above categories will be involved. Below we will look at specific examples for individual disciplines.

Football Betting Strategies

This discipline is definitely in the favorites among bettors, therefore, first of all, they pay attention to this sports discipline. In football, they try to find a high-quality algorithm from the actions necessary to make a profit from bets. Due to the great excitement at football matches, many high-quality tactics have been developed by the cappers. Although there are no win-win strategies for betting on football, you can find quality options here.

Drawn outcomes

There are several variations of this betting strategies for Pari Match, but they all start from a draw. If in other disciplines a draw is quite rare, then in football it is a very common phenomenon. However, the coefficient for this result is quite high in most cases.

For successful bets, you need to find a league with available statistics. Not the strongest championships are best suited here. Ideally, even find teams that prefer to play down. It will not be superfluous to focus on the weather. A bad field in the rain will prevent the players from showing their best game and scoring goals.

The tactics use cases are as follows:

  • Place two bets. One will go to a draw, and the other will go to an odd total. This will be a kind of “fork”, since the bet is made on opposite outcomes. The main thing is that the team does not win with a gap in the score, which makes the total total even. For this reason, it is important to rely on matches from peers;
  • Bet by fixed flat with an aim that at least one of the bets will be correct. A risky tactic that requires good analytical skills as well as luck;
  • Use dogon. The idea is similar to the previous one, only instead of a fixed size of the bet, here it will need to be increased in order to cover the costs of previous bets. More risky tactics that require an impressive bank;
  • Place bets on a 2 out of 5 system. Here you need to select five meetings where the outcomes are expected to be tied. Two draws out of five will bring a good profit, which will increase with the number of meetings that ended in a peaceful outcome;
  • Place zero bets in the first half. You can make a bet on a strategy not only for the entire meeting, but also for a specific time period. A draw in it usually has not such high odds, but playing 0: 0 is quite profitable.

As you can see, the main point of Parimatch betting strategy is to search for not the most scoring fights, where there are good chances for a draw. The tactics are quite variable, there are several methods of how to play them at once. Some of the methods are quite risky, but they all require a qualitative analysis of the meeting. It is recommended to focus on statistics.


Many beginners believe that it is enough to bet only on favorites to make a profit. In fact, this is not the case, because the bookmaker takes everything into account in their odds. As a result, a couple of failures between the leader and the outsiders will block the previously obtained profit. From this, the thought arises that if money is lost on the favorites, then you can make money by betting against them.

It is clear that most often outsiders lose, therefore they approach meetings in this status. However, high odds for such teams allow to cover losses. It is important to correctly analyze the match and find arguments against the favorite. This tactic belongs to the category of game tactics. For this reason, it can be used live, making sure in practice the strength of the outsider. It will not be superfluous to pay attention to the movement of the coefficients. If it rises on the favorite, and falls on his opponent, then the bookmaker assumes a similar outcome.

Individual total

This Parimatch betting strategy has a creator known by the name of Dallas. It is also suggested here to pay attention to outsiders, but to play against them, betting on individual total. In this case, it is necessary to select championships where not many goals are scored. Next, you need to find a meeting with a clear favorite and wait for the start of the fight. The bet itself is made in the middle of the first half, where you need to play an individual total less than an outsider or no goals at all on his side.

Tactics require good analysis. Avoid taking appointments where the class difference is too high. In addition, if two goals have already been scored by the middle of the first half, then it is better to bypass the match. The presence of video broadcasting will help in assessing the teams.

New confrontations

Bookmakers, when setting odds, rely on archived quotes, and then adjust them in accordance with the current state of affairs. If within the same championship the clubs meet on a permanent basis, then in the cup matches the situation is different. Especially when it comes to international tournaments. Here the analytical department can only rely on the current form of the teams and the strength of the championships.

Obviously, due to the lack of information about the history of meetings, bookmakers make mistakes in setting quotes. As a result, the situation on the field may be radically different from the anticipated one before the start of the match. It is worth paying attention to the coefficients in such fights, since among them you can find “value” (undervalued) quotes.

Tips for beginners

The above betting strategy Pari Match will help you to bet on the most popular disciplines. On the other hand, it is important to understand that they will not provide profit without the right approach to wagering. Here are a number of tips that beginners should take into account in order to play successfully at the bookmaker’s office:

  • Choose a strategy to follow. It can be changed and improved, but it is impossible to approach rates without a verified systematic approach;
  • Define a financial model for yourself. A competent bankroll management will help you avoid losing all your funds. It is advisable not to get carried away with catching up, at least at first;
  • Don’t chase high odds and also avoid small quotes. At a distance, it is more profitable to place bets on average values ​​close to 2.0. Small odds inspire false confidence, while high odds beckon with potential profit, but with low odds;
  • Keep track of your bids. It is useful to create a table in Excel or keep statistics on a verifier on the Internet. This will allow you to look at the dynamics of the bank and analyze the progress at a distance;
  • Don’t get carried away with express trains. They are suitable as entertainment, rather than for serious earnings. The exceptions are strategies based on express trains, but even they carry great risks. It is better to focus on single orders;
  • Don’t give in to emotions. You need to get rid of them first. There should be a consistency in the bets that is consistent with the systematic approach. Negative emotions will only harm and lead to chaotic betting. It is important not to try to recoup as soon as possible, but to play at a distance.