Parimatch Tennis betting strategies

Tennis parimatch betting

How to bet on tennis?

Betting on Parimatch tennis attracts players by the fact that in matches there can be no draw. The choice between three outcomes is reduced to two options. It is easier to analyze the form and condition of an athlete than the whole team. The result depends on one person, but this is not always in favor of bettors. About these and other points, we will talk about below.

Advantages of betting on tennis

Tennis is a singles sport, except for doubles. It is possible to concentrate on the analysis of several athletes to thoroughly understand their form and capabilities.

Tournaments take place most of the year. Players keep in shape, so prestigious competitions are organized regularly. Only at the end of the year there is a break, but it lasts several months and is accompanied by less important matches.

Disadvantages of Parimatch betting on tennis

It is not always possible to know the inner state of the player. Sometimes it is impossible to predict for sure what the table tennis Parimatch player is thinking. If he had an unpleasantness in his personal life, about which there is no information in the media, this nuance will not be taken into account when making a prediction. The fact that the result depends on one person is not always an advantage.

Types of tennis bets Parimatch

  • Outcome – which of the athletes will manage to win.
  • Total – the number of games, sets and statistical indicators.
  • Individual total – the actions of one player are counted.
  • Handicap – the difference in the score in games or sets.
  • The exact score in a set or match.
  • Duration of the match – how long the match will last.
  • A player loses the first set, but wins the meeting.

Set/Match – the result of the first set and the whole game (analogous to the halftime/match outcome in soccer).

Bets on statistics: tie-breaks, match balls, break points, double faults, eights.

Other types of bets, including combined outcomes and bets that do not relate to the athletes’ battle, such as the availability of video replays or medical time-outs.

Betting on tennis totals

Breaks are harder to take on fast surfaces, so totals are higher compared to slow courts. Even if the opponents have a strong serve and weak serve, the number of games will still be more than in the confrontation of players with a weak serve and good reception.

Bet on TB in pairs, in which you expect a hard fight. Remember about the format of the match: three-set or five-set. Total less is played in a match with a clear favorite. The danger of TM is that the outsider can give a fight in one set, and then go dry in the remaining two games. Bottom total, of course, will not pass.

Betting on handicaps in tennis

Count the games, because the winner of a meeting does not always lead in games. A certain margin is necessary. A negative handicap can be played even if the player loses.

It is risky to take large handicaps. For example, to break a handicap of -4.5, it requires almost perfect play. Even a few bad games will not allow you to defeat your opponent.

Strategies of betting on tennis

The effectiveness of strategies depends on the bettor. If they are used competently, carefully analyze the events and properly manage the game bank, the techniques are more likely to be profitable.

Double bet

The bottom line is that two bets are made on the same event. If only one bet passes, the player loses nothing, and if two deals, the money allocated for these bets is doubled.

Let’s analyze by example. Let’s make the following bets:

  • TB 21.5 – 100 c.u. at odds of 1.63 (potential winnings – 163 c.u.);
  • A win for the favorite 2:0 by games – 80 c.u. at odds of 2.08 (potential winnings – 166.4 c.u.).

If the favorite fails to win 2-0, there will be a third set, so the top total will probably pass.

Betting on the losing favorite in the set

When the favorite starts to lose in the opening set, the odds on his success increase from 1.2-1.4 to 1.6-1.9. This can be used, because more often than not, the favorite eliminates his opponent’s advantage and wins: if not in the game, then in the match. Naturally, the choice must be supported by analysis.

Game Betting Strategy

The essence is to bet on the game score using a catch-up. For example, a player bets on the score 40:40. If the deal loses, the bet amount is increased to cover the losses and make a profit. This continues until the bettor wins, or until the bettor loses the game bank. Bets on the score 15:15, the presence of a tie-break, etc. are also suitable.

The method does not rely on any analysis, so it inevitably leads to a loss. We do not recommend making such bets, because after a long series of minuses, the money for the next transaction may not be enough.

Analysis of Parimatch tennis matches

Rating of tennis players is not an objective factor, because it does not take into account the type of court. This nuance is key to a tennis player’s game. Someone is invincible on grass, but fails on the ground. Versatility is in the minority. Set aside the rankings and use the statistics of specific surfaces.

Matches are played on grass, clay, hard court and carpet. Depending on the type of court, the ball behaves differently. The speed, bounce and trajectory are different. Because of this, the difference in performance of athletes on different surfaces can be significant.

No matter how well a tennis player has played in the past, it is important to examine current form. To determine it, take apart recent results and look at recent matches.

Motivation plays a key role. If it is a Grand Slam game, every tennis player will squeeze the maximum and fight to the end. Be careful to bet on tournaments of little importance. They are often attended by big-name players because of prize money or just to keep in shape.

When parsing the statistics, specific parameters are taken into account, such as won points due to active actions, and not because of errors of the opponent, winning games on his serve, aces, double faults, and so on.

What is an in-play betting strategy

Live tennis Parimatch betting strategy is a sports betting strategy that is suitable for playing in real time.

Sports betting strategy is a recommendation and rules formulated by the players of the betting shops.

Strategy for betting on tennis in play by games

A break in tennis is a game taken on someone else’s serve.

A reverse break is a game taken on another player’s serve after losing your own.

The odds on a reverse break in a match without a clear favorite are always higher than 2.00. For example, if the first player took another player’s serve, then bet on the second player in the next game.

Bet on women’s tennis and choose a match according to three criteria:

  • Both athletes serve weakly.
  • The game is played on a slow surface.

Neither tennis player has a big advantage on the score.

Live sports betting is the bread of bookmakers.