How to bet on tennis Parimatch

Tennis parimatch betting

Tennis is a sport where 2 players play, 2 teams of 2 players can also play. This is the second most popular sport in bookmakers (after football).
Beginners who want to try their hand at tennis betting should definitely consider this particular type of tennis. Experienced bettors probably know that it is much easier to analyze single sports. In this case, the better (betting player) studies the statistics and form of only one athlete, not dozens. Also, tennis does not provide for a “draw” result. The minimum influence of judges is also considered a big plus.


About tennis tips on PariMatch

The bookmaker PariMatch statistically confirms that tennis is indeed a priority game. The office allows you to evaluate all professional tournaments and offers a pretty good line of bets. This sport in PariMatch is in the top of the most common types of sports for betting.

Sports betting in one of the most successful bookmakers deservedly enjoys the trust of many bettors. The monetary result on them in the long run is more than real. Below are tennis betting tips:

  1. Before making a bet, study the rules and features of a tennis tournament.
  2. Make bets closer to the start time of the match, and better in live. It is then that the quotes for the duel are the most profitable financially.
  3. Study the number of losses and wins of each of the athletes. Do not bet on little-known tennis players.
  4. Use the quick bet option. This service can be used directly when making a bet during the match.
  5. Analyze the rating, tournament grid, form, motivation and mood of tennis players. By the way, the latter can be done on social networks, or after watching a recent interview.

Don’t forget about tennis betting strategy. Give preference to men’s singles matches at the Grand Slam tournaments. Betting on the favorite is another popular strategy that is popular on PariMatch. The ATP, WTA ratings and player statistics will help you choose the alleged leader.

You can also consider winning on the breaks of the favorite, on the break point of the underdog and tie-breaks. By the way, the statistics consistently say that the tennis player who serves first is often the winner.

Live betting/live streaming

Betters make bets on tennis in BC in two modes. “Prematch”, or in English “prematch” – a bet that is made before the start of the game itself. The second betting option is referred to as “live”, or in English “live”. In this case, betters make a bet directly during the competition.
Live betting is definitely in the “top” today. The reason for this is the development of modern technologies and the spread of mobile Internet. Bettors are attracted to this betting option for several reasons:

  1. Reaching the maximum level of adrenaline and excitement.
  2. Feeling of participation in an important event.
  3. The fastest way to get results.

The popularity of live betting can also be explained by the fact that the viewer evaluates the game of tennis players in real time. This allows you to analyze the current form of athletes and determine the chance of winning. The ability to correctly analyze the game is one of the main advantages of any better.

The best bookmakers for betting on live line tennis offer a unique feature – to monitor online what is happening on the tennis court directly on the site. For this, live broadcasts of the match are used.

Both the clear leader and the “lagging behind” have chances to win the game. But, nevertheless, in live it is easier to assess the real form of athletes. The odds in the match are constantly changing, so everyone has a chance. Live bets are beneficial because the better can evaluate tennis players and not waste money. But the chances of a better winning are the same, both for a beginner and for an expert in sports betting.

Bonuses and Promotions

BC Parimatch does not skimp on the issue of providing bonuses and profitable promotions for new customers. There are several profitable offers from bookmaker companies, but not all of them are compatible with each other. For example, now the promotion applies to football bets and online casinos
You can learn more about possible promotions and bonuses on the website or online, as the conditions for receiving bonuses change from time to time. For example, when installing the best application for betting on tennis, a client can also receive several thousand rubles.

тенис париматч

Tennis tournaments

Today, a lot of tournaments and competitions of national and global significance are held. Tournaments are watched not only by professionals, but also by betting enthusiasts. During the tournaments – the chance to get a large amount of money increases, especially if we take into account the tournaments of global importance. The top tennis tournaments are listed below:

  • Australian Open;
  • Wimbledon;
  • Roland Garros;
  • US Open
  • Davis Cup;
  • Kremlin Cup;
  • Federation Cup.

This year the season started in Australia in early January. It will end with the final ATP tournament and the Davis Cup. It is better to get acquainted with the schedule of ATP tournaments on the official website, as dates may change due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Tennis Sports Betting: General Rules

If there is a refusal or expulsion of a tennis player before the match has begun, the bet is cancelled. Sometimes bettors confuse an exclusion from a game with a transfer of the same game. When a transfer is made, bets are saved. The calculation will take place after this game.
Changing the coverage of the tournament, replacing an open court with a closed one, transferring the game to another court, changing the place where it will be held – this is also a list of “nuances” that reduce the bet to 0.

If by the time the game is stopped the main condition of the bets has not been made, it will not be calculated. All outrights are now played when there is no information in the market that any player can make the start of the game.
Bets placed during the game are considered settled after the next point has been played. Unless otherwise stated, all bets on Handicap Tennis and Totals will use games won as the unit of score.
Tennis is a great opportunity for experienced and novice bettors. Learn tennis with the first official bookmaker PariMatch, get great bonuses and offers!