Advice for novice UFC bettors

UFC bets at Parimatch bookmaker

Strategies for betting on the UFC

Mixed martial arts has relatively recently become one of the most popular sports – both among fans of fighting disciplines and among betting fans. Today MMA tournaments attract the attention of millions of spectators all over the world and betting on the results of the fights is offered by all bookmakers’ offices.

In many ways, this popularity is due to the active promotion of mixed martial arts by the Parimatch UFC organization, which regularly holds tournaments with the best fighters of the world. Leading bookmakers responded to the viewer interest and included in their lines of betting on the results of all fighter’s evenings. As a consequence, effective Parimatch UFC betting strategies that can provide the bettor with regular winnings became in demand.

If you compare betting on MMA fights with team sports, the choice of marquees will not be as wide. But the variability of the events list exceeds that of the majority of boxing fights. The odds on Pari match UFC bets can be called quite high, and the bookmaker’s margin rarely exceeds 6%. In this aspect, mixed martial arts are comparable to basketball and volleyball. Working strategies for betting on UFC are effective when playing in pre-match and live mode, but more often players prefer to bet before the fight. It is worth noting the conventionality of “favorite – underdog” layouts in MMA fights. Upsets happen in every tournament, and favorites lose quite often. On the one hand, it increases the risk of losing, but on the other hand, with a competent pre-match analysis, it can bring a solid win.

In this article, we will tell beginners how to bet on UFC in bookmakers, and what outcomes are found in the lines. Seasoned bettors will benefit from our advice on choosing an operator and applying certain strategies.

Every sportsman’s path to glory is unique. Some put their whole lives on the altar for the sake of one victory in the main fight, like the real MMA fighters. However, there are other examples. Ufc fighters are considered some of the best athletes in the entire world. The team offers you a “Fighter Biographies” section! Here you can explore the journey of each representative of mixed martial arts and even see photos of the fighters.

MMA fighters

The paths of the champions are different also because Parimatch MMA gives to each martial art a chance to become famous. The boxing base is well represented here, but kickboxing is not far behind. Freestyle and jerseys fighters constantly find out who’s better. Khabib was able to make Sambo famous by elevating it to the rank of champion, and some UFC fighters continue to assert the supremacy of BJF.

Nurmagomedov has been involved in martial arts since childhood, but there are other examples among champions. Alexander Volkanovski came to Pari match MMA from rugby and once again proved that UFC gives everybody a chance. Fighter biographies allow you to learn basic information about fighters as well as the finer details. Statistics of UFC fighters help determine their level of experience and morale. A budding star’s fight history is always of interest to true fans. Where did UFC fighters like Jon Jones start? What promotions did Conor McGregor take his first steps in? The answers to all these questions can be found in the section “Biography of MMA fighters”.

Parimatch UFC rules

The current rules for the UFC were originally established by the New Jersey Department of Athletic Administration. “United Rules of Mixed Martial Arts” adopted in New Jersey were also approved in Nevada, Louisiana, and California. These rules were also used by other promotions within the United States, becoming mandatory for those states that adopted the terms, and thus became the “de facto” standard list of rules for professional MMA athletes.


Each round in UFC competitions lasts five minutes. In title matches (for the championship belt) the fight lasts five rounds, and in non-title matches three rounds. There is a one-minute break between rounds.

The Cage

UFC fights take place in a fenced octagon, officially called the Octagon. The SEG originally trademarked the Octagon and prevented other MMA organizations from using the same type of cage. But in 2001, Zuffa gave its competitors permission to use the octagon cage, arguing that the young sport needed uniformity and widespread recognition by the authorities. Nevertheless, the name “Octagon” remained attached to Zuffa, and among the plethora of MMA organizations, only the Parimatch UFC officially carries the name “Octagon.”

The UFC cage is an octagonal structure mounted on a platform 120 cm high from the ground, with a diameter of 9.75 meters and a metal wire fence 165-173 cm high. To avoid cuts, splits and scratches from contact, the metal mesh is vinyl-coated. The posts at the corners of the octagon and the top of the fence are protected by a thick tarpaulin filled with foam. The cage has two entrances opposite each other. The mat, decorated with sponsor logos, is replaced for each event.

How to bet on the UFC in a Parimatch

Before you make your first bet on the bookmaker’s website, you need to familiarize yourself with the varieties of marquees. The simplest and most popular are the basic outcomes, indicating the victory of one or the other fighter, as well as a draw result of the fight. Some operators do not accept bets on the draw, while others offer “Double Chance” outcomes (a simultaneous bet on the victory of one of the fighters and a draw). In the operators’ lines, the basic outcomes look as follows:

P1, P2 – victory of the first fighter, victory of the second fighter.

1X2 – victory of the first fighter, draw, victory of the second fighter.

1X, 12, X2 – victory of the first fighter + draw, victory of the first or the second fighter, draw + victory of the second fighter.

The odds for a draw are very high: on average they are 50.0. But draws are very rare in mixed martial arts, and they occur about half as often as in boxing matches.

In addition to the basic outcomes, the Parimatch MMA fight schedule includes additional markets. Let’s analyze the most popular of them.

Total by rounds

The essence of these bets is to predict the number of rounds that the fighters will go through in the fight. In BK spreadsheet, such markets are presented as integers or decimals and are always accompanied by abbreviations TB (Total more) and TM (total less). For example, a bet on the outcome of TB 2 means that the bettor predicts more than two rounds in a particular fight.

Some operators offer similar bets in which the player must predict whether a particular round will start – with Yes/No outcome options. With the same options (Yes/No) in the bookmakers’ lines are available, bets on the full fight or its early completion.